Welcome to Darkstar Games where your inner gamer comes out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Dark Star Games needs more games someone  write in the chat box ideas. 


Tell every one about this site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We just hit 1,000veiws!!!!!!!!!!

hope youll enjoing the site. 

Hello i am DarkStar creator and i want you to tell your friends about this site let the world know it may not be super awsome now but it is still advancing. 

Hope u all love the site. 

 Hello and i am the co-leader of Darkstar games.WeirdJohn12.

Beware the ausome games may harm your inergamer. 

 I am the leader S.D.D.C. and i want you to know if you are having connecting problems let us know at the chat box.

Some games may be different from original style.But they all are fairly fun.

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